Monday, February 9, 2009

Taking the Bloggy Leap

Okay... here I go!! After months of lurking around blogland, I have finally started to "get involved".

Winter 2008 saw the arrival of my Grandma's sewing machine to my little apartment, and I caught a serious case of the quilting flu. A year of making baby quilts for family and friends, followed by a very crafty Christmas. 2009 is hopefully a continuation of my crafty ways and so far I've joined a online bee hosted by Quilt Dad (thanks John for giving a newbie a chance), and a swap in the effort to better connect with others like me. So I hope you enoy following along my adventures while I Craft in the land of Waffles...


  1. You're welcome! Thanks for the shout out, and congrats on starting your blog!! Adding you to my Google Reader now ...

  2. Yay. Bloggyland is so great. You will be totally addicted.

  3. Welcome to blogland. Can't wait for sew connected 3 to start.


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