Thursday, August 6, 2009

Battle Stations

I feel like I'vbe been a bit off my crafty game recently. First up it was the painting marathon, and then the sewing machine stitch crisis (the painting is now done (thank god!), and the machine is fixed - the top thread needed re-threading, duh...).

But, what has really thrown me is a bigger event... back in June H and I went to Scotland on holiday, and I didn't mention it here, but on the Isle of Skye, after 4 hours of hiking (the half way point of our day long hike), he asked if he could become Mr. Craftywaffles.

H and I post engagement

After a month or so of enjoying our new engaged status we decided to start to think about wedding planning (read- H was so busy working I have hardly seen him since our Scotland trip, and I was trying to get my head around all the things necessary for wedding planning). We settled on next summer, and H suggested my hometown, Vancouver. So... for the past few weeks I have been sorting out the beginnings of a long distance wedding- should be a serious test on my controling habits project management skills.

H and I quickly decided on a top 2 potentail venues,. we enlisted my parents to do site visits, and their feedback sealed the deal. Here's a re-enactment of how it went:

Mom and Dad: we're calling you from the terrace at the location (you know it's important when they call long distance mobile to mobile!)
Me: Okay...... and....
Mom: It's gorgeous, even better then we expected
Me: Great, it was my favourite anyways
Mom: I talked to the manager, it's booking up fast you should book ASAP. Do you want me to book you a date now?
Me: I'll talk to H about it tomorrow and make a booking myself
Mom: But, it's booking up fast.....
Me: Yes Mom I know, but I can't book the wedding location without getting the groom's ok on it...
Mom: *silence*.......... ok, but be quick...

Parents, eh!!

Now the pressure was on we had to cordinate with the Belgians as to when is the best part of the summer for them travel/school holiday wise combined with the limited availability of the venue (already very booked up 11 months in advance), and trying to coordinate wedding ideas/plans with H, who I see typically for about 5 minutes per day. Needless to say, it's been a bit insane around here!

But, I'm totally in luuurve with the location, and luckily H and I are on the same page re: the "theme" (I use that word loosely), and photography style that we want, so now it's down to finding suppliers and booking them all while 7000miles away, oh yeah and getting started on all the DIY stuff I want to do...

But, with our venue booked (insert happy dance here!) I am looking forward to chilling out on the weekend and finishing up the quilting on Jack (about 50% done so far), and maybe even strating the Happy Hour side of my Bubbles quilt-- see, it's not all wedding stuff at Chez Craftywaffles!


  1. Totally know how long distance wedding planning is. We were living in the States and decided to get married in my hometown in the UK. Luis proposed to me on a weekend in Venice and we popped over to visit my parents before going back to the US. My parents took us to every available place in the space of 24 hours and we had booked one by the end of the day! Lucky Luis was totally sure he wanted to get married or it would have scared him off for sure!

    We could never have planned our wedding without my Mum's help and the online world! I booked everything online. Flowers, cake, invites - all were from cottage industries with online sites!

    Have fun and try not to get too stressed!

  2. Congratulations!! What a great place to pop the question too!

  3. Congratulations! My husband and I got married in Banff, Alberta in 2007. It was a perfect day. Canada is such a lovely place for a wedding.

    If you need to prove marriage once you are back in Belgium, it will need to have the marriage certificate legalized. Once you get your official computerised marriage certificate in the mail, you will need to post it to the Belgian Consulate in Vancouver to get it legalized. This process (including postage) takes about a month, and costs about 30-50 dollars.


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