Friday, November 27, 2009

I can do that... I think?!

So... in this whole wedding planning process I was determined to DIY as much as possible. And although I have absolutly no training as a graphic designer, the list of Wedding DIY's include
  • Save the Dates (done!)
  • Invitations (eek!)
  • Monogram
  • Favours for Guests
I've been busy at work on the last two items- I seriously heart MS Publisher, it makes life so much easier.
For the monograms I've been up to my eyeballs in this... so many choices (this is still the first round for the general concept.. .we haven't even got to colour selection yet!

In case you didn't figure it out, our wedding colours are grey, black,white, and green!

H and I decided ages ago (long before we were even engaged) that a perfect gift for our wedding would be customizes tea towels. What... tea towels??! Yup you heard me right- he's a chef... tea towels go in the kitchen.... get it?! Yeah anyways, we think it's brilliant! As the computer savy of the two of us, I've been tasked (well I tasked myself really!) to come up with the customized part of the towels...

This weekend while visiting family I'll be picking up a hundred unprinted tea towels -- thank goodness for cheap local delivery rates, family living in the UK, and a job that gives me an excuse to visit said family on their dollar... well ... Euro I guess! :)

The plan is to get the towels over to Canada at Christmas, and to then guilt trip persuade friends and family to help in the great "Tea Towel event". Until then, I have a several designs up my sleeves, but I'll leave you with a few tid bits.



  1. Oooh! Sign me up for the tea towel event, please! You weren't asking for opinions, but my favourite monogram is the one in the second box in the top right hand corner... Making all of those must have felt like an adult version of doodling your initials in hearts in your math notebook!

  2. Hallo Sarah & Hednrik,
    Ik vind eveneens de initialen in de rechter bovenhoek van het tweede schetsblad het mooist. Ik voel me heel gelukkig als ik zie wat jullie allemaal klaarspelen en hoe fijn dat jullie het samen hebben. Het is het mooiste dat een moeder kan wensen. Liefs. Ma


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