Friday, November 20, 2009

A very Mini Christmas

I have a confession, I busted out our Christmas decorations this week...

As we are going back to Vancouver for Christmas in less than a month, I didn't see the point of having our xmas stuff up for only a week or two before taking it down again. Since I am a huuuuuuuuge Christmas person (one year I started listening to Christmas music in October- sad but true)... hey, I should get out my Christmas CD's... sorry I got sidetracked there...

H thought I was nuts (nothing new there, but strangely enough he still loves me!), so I compromised by making it a Mini Christmas to help us get in the holidays/holiday mood

I think I contained myself pretty well -- It helps that I will get to help my Mom decorate their house for the holidays once we arrive in Vancouver, at some point between wedding dress shopping, meetings with the caterers, wedding venue, photographer, Engagement Session photo shoot, registering for our wedding lists, making our wedding favours... oh yeah and seeing my friends and family!! Maybe it is just as well that I did my decorating bit in Brussels 'cuz I don't think I'll have any free time during my holiday!!
Have any of you started decorating for the holidays yet?


  1. No, haven't started yet. I'm planning on doing two strings of IKEA startlights in my front and back windows and then some live greenery on my new mantle (Eee! Just realised that I'm going to have my very own mantle!) Plus, I'll be implementing any Christmas decorating suggestions offered up by my Belgian interior designer, of course!

  2. Oh, and PS - your mini Christmas decor looks very nice. Very cozy and inviting!



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