Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time out in Brussels- Marolle

I don't post often about the places that we vist, but I thought that one of H's and my favourite weekend haunts, the Marolle, deserved a little bloggy love.

The Marolle is the antiques district of Brussels, which inclues a daily market 7am -2pm (Place du Jeu de Balle, which is walking distance from the Place Poelaert glass elevator- by Ave Lousie metro stop- for those of you who want to stop by). We love it because the market and shops are open on a Sunday - very unusual in Belgium where most things are closed Sundays leaving us stuck at home!

Glass elevator and view of the Marolle district, Brussels

H and I have spent many great days wandering around the area, and bought many a "treasure" there hidden amongst the random collections- often junk, but with a bit of patience, we've found some real winners :)

Being a market vendor "french" style... a glass of red wine to keep the cold at bay!

This past weekend was no exception. On Sunday, we grabbed the metro and wandered over to the Marolle market. And while wandering aroundthe market square, what should I spy... but a old box full of vintage wooden printers letters, which I have been wanting for ages. As I have been lusting after these for ages, I know the ebay price = about 1€/letter... Marolle price= 25€ for 45 letters and a small wooden box that locks! To top it off, we have almost a complete alphabet, all we are missing is an "R"! Yay, happy dance and a big smile!

The box needs a bit of a clean up, but after a little TLC will be a great addition to our house. I'm wondering If I can use the blocks for some stamping... I need to investigate this a bit further. This time around we also scooped up 6 silver plate julip cups, which I already have plans for. Plan #1. wedding decor that after will serve as #2. mini vases for our house. Oh, what was the price you ask... after a bit of negotiating they were 2€ a pop, so 12€ for all 6 matching cups, such a steal, sweeeet!

A Marolle antiques store located in an old department store- 4 stories full of treasures!

For anyone who's not a "market type" of person (or the weather means you want to stay indoors), there is more to the Marolle than just the market, there are also some great antiques (and regular shops) in the street nearby. Both the filled to the brim type of "A" shop, where you really have to hunt around, as well as the shops with a careful selected products. To be honest we haven't had as much luck in those shops (actually I don't think we've EVER bought anything in one of them- but that's probably because we are pretty cheap frugal). They are however, a great place to get ideas, as well as figure out the "real price" of things... as well as just being generally fun to poke around :)

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