Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mouse- Patoutie

What with H being a chef, we are big Ratatouille fans at Casa Crafty Waffles (both the food and the movie!).

For one of my Quilting bees, we were asked to make blocks for a 2.5 year old boy. I had seen this block over at 4twin sisters and thought it would be a perfect match. Marysia had sent us a lot of different fabrics so I wanted to make sure I incorporated a few into the design... at first I was a bit worried....

Ummm, yeah.... it's supposed to be a mouse with patchy ears with some cheese!
By this point I had already added a tail to the original design to up the mousy-ness, but it still looked a bit... off. So, I bust out my trusty embroidery floss stash and got to work.
Little beady eyes, some whiskers, and some circles in the cheese (a cross between cheddar and swiss I suppose)....

Now he looks like a mouse! I'm not sure how she'll be putting the blocks together, so I made sure she could leave the tail loose like above, or tuck it up to stay within the block, her choice.


  1. That is really adorable! The embroidery was a good addition.

  2. Very cute! Although, I have one of these running around in my classroom right now, and they're not so cute in person!


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