Sunday, May 9, 2010

May Quilting bee blocks

With our big move coming up quickly (3 weeks, eek!), I am trying to keep up with all my quilting bee blocks as the next month or two will be pretty crazy. So, this afternoon I took a break from cataloging our stuff for insurance, and spent a nice few hours working on the two May blocks for Eurovision.

First up was the blocks for Katharina. She sent us 2 white squares, marked on them a 1/4 ring (in water soluble pen) and asked us to fill in the 1/4 rings any way we liked.

I had such fun playing with the fabrics she sent. My first 1/4 was bubbles...

And my second was a more geometric design, where I fussy cut the flowers from the fabric that she had designed and had printed at spoonflower (I sooo want to try that one day... hint hint H my bday is coming up!).
Then was Ulla's request for a Japanese themed 9 patch, which I was able to whip up.

Sigh... now back to packing and sorting... boo!

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  1. I love the fabrics, and the bubbles are so unusual, very cool!


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