Monday, November 21, 2011

Back in action!

After being on a pretty hefty bloggy hiatus, I've come to appreciate the benefit of having a place to log the events in our lives, as well as an impetus to take pictures of what we are dong to record it and to have something to look back on and remember. So because of that, combined with inlaws who want to know what H and I are up to in our new life in Canada, Crafty Waffles is back! I'm working on a bunch of posts from the first 6 months in our new house (wowza, is it seriously thaaat long?!), so I'll be catching up the the present and then letting you know all the new things we are planning and doing around Casa Waffles.

See ya again soon!

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  1. Welcome back, Sarah!I've missed hearing what you are up to. Have you been doing any quilting? We'd love to see you at a Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting again!


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