Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy belated Holidays and 2012 to do's

We are a bit slow on the uptake here at Casa Waffles, so instead of wishing you all a happy holiday, we'll just go with all the best for 2012

In case you were wondering, our big To Do's for the upcoming year are (and how we decorated our place this Christmas Season, cuz who doesn't like getting a peek at other people's decor... or is it just me who loves peeking in windows to see how in people's rooms.... wait, that came out weird.... I'm not like a peeping Tom or anything, it's for research !:

Basement Reno - it's time that "spare" unused space in our basement started bringing home the bacon

New Roof- because the tarped roof look is so 2011!

Attic Insulation- time to bring our insulation into the 21st century, cuz in our climate R4 isn't gonna cut it

Paint the Exterior- yup, we're planning to say buh buy Smurf Blue, much to the relief of our neighbours!

Paint: the upper hallway, entry, living and dining room- I'm thinking really pale greige, something like our bedrooms

Installing closet doors: Yup, no more exposed linens or cleaning supplies for us!

Oh, and a not so sneeky peek at our last big project in 2011....

Big hugs,  Sarah & H

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