Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

So, with the plans under official review, I thought it best to first revel in the beauty of our existing basement.  The biggest changes to come in our basement reno are going to be...

1. The full overhaul of the English Pub-esque living room, which is complete with:
  •  burgundy carpet (which shows every spec of dust and dirt!)
  •  3 walls of textured stucco
  •  a feature wall of wood panelling (of course!).
Don't believe me??  The feast your eyes on this...

Need a closeup to really experience the textured awesomness of those walls?? OK, why not?!

Yummy, a bit like merangue no?! 

2.  The removal of the wall seperating the laundry room (soon to be kitchen) and the hallway (the panelling in the below pic is hte 'feature wall' of the living room!)...

3. The enlargement of the current laundry room's nook into a the new kitchen and the indoor "shed"

The shed is accessible from inside the carport, behind the wall with the shelves on it.

As a reminder here is the current basement floorplan, and the new suite floorplan.

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