Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doing the Splits

As newbie home renovators H and I decided early on to do the basement reno the "official way", aka. get permits and City inspectors involved.  Because we won't be living in this new space ourselves, and have been renters before, we wanted to make sure that everything was done properly so there would be no unexpected surpirses/issues lurking behind the walls due to our lack of knowledge on the big things ie. plumbing and electrical.
 Before making that decision though, being the planning list maker that I am, I researched the requirements of our local city hall, had Papa Waffles chat to the peeps at City Hall (we are in the District of North van) about our plans to ensure we were not going to get any big surprises (aka $$$ expensive extra requirements). 
 The next step was getting the inspectors in for a pre-inspection- and that's when the drama ensued.  Eventhough the person at City Hall confirmed that we would be ok with sharing an electrical panel in the tenant's space... the inspector said otherwise.... aaaaaaarrrrrggggg hello expensive eletricrician's bill to split our electrics into two panels on opposite sides of our basement!!  According to the inspector this is because they deemed it not a financial strain on us, the homeowners, well I don't know what planet they live on  because to us electrical bill going from 5k to 10k, for a space we are not even going to be living in ourselves, I consider a financial strain. So I protested the decision.... but no dice, a split panel it was :(   That my friends is why one needs to allow for a healthy contingency budget, 'cuz no matter how carefully you plan, there is always something that will bite you in the bum!
The dratted electrical panel, soon to be one of two in our house :(

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  1. $10 K????!!! Seriously? Wowzas! I didn't know that I work out every Tuesday and Thursday with a millionaire! It is going to be so worth it when it's finished though, and it *is* your "forever" house (I think!)



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