Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear oh Deer!

An unexpected surprise happen to H and I over the weekend.  So although I owe a lot of updates on the basement (which is almost done- in real life buy waaaay behind according to the blog updates!), I thought it worthy of a little howdy do to all of you :)

On the way up to my parents house for a BBQ, we spotted 3 deer crossing the road, a Mom and 2 babies.  While we were quietly watching, one of the fawns collapsed at the side of the road. When it didn't move after several minutes, went to investigate.   When we got so close that it let H "pet"it, we knew something was wrong.  Eventually, it took a few feeble steps before collapsing again.  So... we investigated our options with the local wildlife rescue center -closed until 8am the next day- so bundled it up and continued on our way to my parents house.

You can imagine their surprise when we showed up at my parents with this little bundle! His/her (sorry I didn't get thaaaat up close and personal with the poor thing!) name was Bambi or George depending who you ask!  About 1/2 an hour it started perking up, and took a few steps on his own.  We all took a look to see if it was having any troubles, but he seemed to be fine.  So we returned 'it' to the place we found it, making sure we sent it off in the direction we had seen it's mom and sibling go.

Makes me appreciate how lucky I am to live in a city where deer and other wildlife are still a common occurance due to our abundance of nature just around the corner!


  1. Aw, poor little fawn! Hope it reunited with mom and sibling!

    Btw, the Lion's Gate Quilter's Guild show is this Friday/Saturday. I remember meeting you there two years ago. Are you planning to go?

  2. What a neat story, and great photos!



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