Friday, August 24, 2012

A Door-able

All that dreaming of a new door led me to a great find.  Pulling the trigger on a more "unusual" door design and colour (by today's standards), can be pretty tough when you aren't 100% sure.  I had idea in my head of what I think would look great, but a visual of it all together is such a confidence builder.  If any of you are having similar issues, and for some crazy reason you don't know already (maybe you've been living under a rock?), then check out Crestview's "Door-o-Vision".  

In about 10 minutes I was able to go from this:

To this

To this:
To this
Dilemma's dilemma's.  Now to re-paint the house so I can really determine which style and colour is the best fit.

As for the door, I've been looking at my options:
  • Poking around Craigslist looking for a vintage option
  • I've been pondering how crazy I'd look if I flyered houses in my 'hood with original doors
    • Not sure on what the cost/effort and end result look and function would for a retro-fit would be worth it
  • Buying a new (sized correctly) plain door that I can add a doorlite kit into
Anyone have any experience with any of these three options?  Or any other suggestions?


  1. Sarah, my wife and I were presented with the same options. In the end we opted for a paint grade door from a local door manufacture and a door-lite kit from Crestview. We love the doors from Crestview but they are not pre-hung which was going to add to the installation cost. Because out door faces west, staining it really wasn't an option.

    1. Hi Brent,

      Glad we aren't the only ones finding this a bit of a challenge :)


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