Friday, September 21, 2012

Alberta Roadtrip Recap: Part 2- The Main Event

So, I mentioned in my original post about our summer road trip that we were going to be celebrating.    The celebration was because some very close friends of ours were getting hitched.  I've known the bride for years.... like since Girl Guides kinda years!

that's me on the left and the bride on the right
So, when they told us that they were doing a destination wedding, we were like heck yeah!  The location  of the ceremony up on a hill at the groom's family's ranch just outside the National park.  With this as the view from the ranch house

I mean hello! The prairies and the Rockies, with a gorg bride and groom, and the sun shining, it doesn't get much better!

Before and after the ceremony we had time to kick back and enjoy the ranch - that's H with the Best Man sitting on the front porch, ain't he the cutest!!

The main house of the ranch Hawk's Nest hasn't changed much since it was built in 1923, and looks just like you think a traditional ranch house should look woody and manly.

After the ceremony we all headed back to town and boarded a boat to take a cruise around Waterton Lake.  And boy was it the perfect weather for a boat ride.

  The bride and groom made sure we all got the party started.

It was a great time to hang out with the bride and the rest of the girls (and the boys too!).  The captains' hats were from the stagette, and were a huge hit!

The final leg of the wedding was the reception at the former school in Waterton, a very appropriate venue as the bride is a teacher!

Now I dropped the ball when it comes to pictures of the reception as our friends asked me to be one of the MC's for the evening (yeah, so sweet!), and I forgot to give H strict photo documenting instructions in my absence, whoops... lesson learned!

But,  I did manage to snap some pictures ahead of time of some of the sweet details before things got underway.

I loved the wood votive holders made by the groom's family with wood from the ranch (and may have snuck a few home with me)...

And their favours of pickled beans, such a perfect choice for this couple as they are "famous" for their homemade pickles (my non-pickle eating husband devours them they are so good!) - we even broke the rules and snuck home with 2 jars ;)
I managed not to trip and fall or let loose with any too embarrassing stories, the drinks flowed and the dancing went late,  a good time was had by all.  We are so happy to have been able to share in their big day, so thanks guys!

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