Friday, December 28, 2012

Illuminating ideas- Implementation #1

We were able to check off another cosmetic item off our my to do list.  just over a month ago I found some inexpensive light options for some "problem" areas of our house.
Lucky for me, H was game for a switcheroo, so we said buh-bye crummy carport sensor light, and hello new caged nautical-ish lights.

It did take two trips to Home Depot, and some patience trolling the isles to find them (FYI- the first time round one of the lights glass covers didn't fit right so we had to return it and grab another one).  But they went up really quickly- seeing how the old bare bulb was wired (hard wired) made us extra glad we made the switch (oh the joy's of 1960's wiring) - and the pretty shadows they cast on the ceiling are a pretty bonus.  


While the fancy energy saving lightbulbs almost cost more than the fixtures, we are both happy with our little upgrade, and have already put our new properly illumiated additional workspace to use.

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