Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Closing the Door

The inside projects continue at Casa Waffles, One that was started long before the upstairs painting and even the basement suite - is our closet doors.
When we moved into the house back in June 2011, we inherited gross carpet, wood door trim and louvered closet doors, and damaged room doors (from the previous owners had 3 "boisterous" boys?!).  We made quick work of the carpet, revealing and re-finishing the hardwood hidden underneath, and painted out the trim and patched and replacement bedroom doors to white...

All that work did leave us with a pretty clean slate, but no matter how neat our closets were, a lack of closet doors always made it feel like we were exposing our undies - you know, kinda awkward and revealing!

Our closets sat like that for over a year - naked and exposed.  But, with the basement completed and the hunt for a 4 legged resident about to begin, we knew we needed to do something about the closets- for aesthetic and practical reasons.
So, we dragged the plain closet doors we had picked up at the Restore about six month's earlier out to the carport (they'd been hiding out in our spare room all that time!), measured the height of our closet openings, and got to trimming them down to size.
A few coats of paint and some handle holes later, and the doors were ready to install in place.  We just needed to find handles and the sliding mechanisms.

 I took a peek online to see what I could find, and was able to find a very affordable version of a modern period appropriate knob.  At 1/3 the price  of a similar one by Rejuvenation, and no shipping required, these large chrome dish knobs we found couldn't be beat- thanks Home Depot!

Simple, elegant, and timeless, just the way we like it!  A few twists of the screwdriver later, and we had the doors installed and functional.  And now some paint and baseboards later (woohoo, we finally have baseboards now too!), and our little hallway is looking pretty spiffy- not to mention that we are finally no longer exposing ourselves to our visitors.

And to save you the effort of scrolling up and down, the before and after.

 Hall Closet's Cost Breakdown:
Doors: $10 per bi-fold door = $30
Closet Knobs: $2 per knob = $6
Rolling Track Mechanism: $5 x 2 pack : $7.50
Total: $43.50
Paint-  Walls: Wind's Breath (BM)
            Trim: Chantilly Lace (BM)

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