Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keeping the Memory Alive - Completed Quilt

So it's been a slow go, like it took me ~1.5 years to even start the thing, but the Memory quilt is finally completed.    Even with the big pieces it was certainly not the easiest quilting project I have ever done, without my Mom's help it could well have turned into to a disaster!   

I decided to incorporate some fun features that really highlight that is was made from  old sweatshirts.  Such as pockets.

And even a zipper.

And I tried to incorporate as many logos and graphics as possible to keep the front interesting.

As this is really a one sided quilt, I left the back really plain and simple, with plaid flannel and a contrasting green stripe (the same green used in the binding and matched to the green in a few of the sweatshirts).

The only special addition to the back was a label with his name, so future generations of their family would know who's it was.

It's being picked up by it's new owner (the sister of the deceased) this week, so fingers crossed she likes it!


  1. -beautiful, but also made to be used. What a comfort this will be.
    I also love that you kept all the brand names showing as they are a reminder of what a person liked.

    Great job!

  2. Thanks Deb,

    It was a totally nerve wracking experience. I hope that it's what the family had in mind.


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