Friday, August 30, 2013

Rewind- Action Station Carport

So, I jumped the gun a bit with my post last week..... I was just too gosh darn excited!

The Monday before I started my maternity leave I got that magical call I'd been waiting months for, we were next on our contractors list, and his crew were coming our way!    One of his guys was coming to make a order list for materials the next day, and would be starting working on Wednesday (aka 2 days from "now"). So, after a few fist pumps and a happy dance or two, I had a reality check....  we have a tonne of stuff to clear outta their way and I'm 8.5 months preggers so H has to essentially tackle it all on his own in 1 night.

So, I called the pregnancy card and called in bribed some recruits with a dinner in exchange for labour.   Luckily my parents are a pretty easy sell.

In pretty short order, we were able to empty the "toilets", move everything into the house or out of the construction crews way, and re-locate a few plants.  We were even able to and do the demo--- which luckily for us, was only removing the trellis pieces, removing the front light fixture, and partially dismantling the "toilets".

And just in time, because 2 days later H and I came home from work to this beautiful sight....

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