Friday, August 16, 2013

Rocking on

One project I tackled getting ready for baby V was a rocking chair.  My mom kindly found a great bentwood rocking chair (about 2+ years ago before baby V was even a twinkle in H and my eye.... gotta love grandparents!).

While the chair itself was a great classic design (a Thonet knockoff), the upholstery fabric and foam were a dire situation that needed to be remedied ASAP.

So, I got my Dad to take the back and seat panel out for me - they were just glued in place, and H cleaned up the frame while I got started on the re-upholstering.  I decided to double up the foam on the seat to give my tush a better bit of cushioning during the many hours I'll be in that chair nursing, but only a single layer on the back (FYI- I got my foam at Walmart).

After test driving a few fabric options I went with a diamond Ikat design in a pre-treated against stains upholstery fabric that I picked up at a local fabric store (Fabricland for any locals).

I decided to spice up the back with a contrasting fabric which you might recognize from here , which is unfortunately now retired  :(  .

For now it's taken up residence in the living room, as I figure that most of my nursing time will be during the day.... so, we have another comfy fully upholstered non-rocking chair in the nursery for those late night sessions.

And in the week or so it's been completed it's been the hot commodity whenever people come over.  I'm not sure if it's its newness, the sunny location, the pull of the rocking motion, the cute fabric pattern, or... the proximity to the wine rack?! but everyone who's come over has been drawn to it  and  taken it for a test drive.  I'll take that as a compliment any day!

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  1. 't Is echt eern prokstuk... De baby zal samen met jou, van heel wat comfortabele uurtjes kunnen genieten. En 't saat goed in de woonkamer.
    Proficiat voor het groepswerk. Spijitg dat ik te vel weg ben om ook een handje toe testeken waar het kan!


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