Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue Squared

It's been a bit quite here recently as I was waiting for a overseas order to arrive, which it finally did last night!!

After tearing it open and attacking the contents, I set to work getting started on the Secret Project. From my order I was short some blue... yeah 140 4" squares are a lot... I'm not so happy about the front three fabrics which I scrounged outta my stash, they don't quite work for me so I'm going to order some more from Fabric Shack -- great people, super fast and friendly, and they pack the most fabric into one priority envelope of any US online retailer I've found!

I even found some fun kitchen related fabrics for H. Not sure what I'll use them for yet, I was thinking about customizing some tea towels for the kitchen.... any other ideas??

After loosing the address of my swap partner for Darci's "Wishing it was Spring" fat quater swap, I finally sent out my package, with some extra Belgian treats as compensation for the delay-- sorry it's a bit late, but I hope you like them Elaine :)

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