Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting Illuminated

Today was a great day for crossing things off our to do list. With H and I both with a day off, and what was supposed to be a sunny day turning out to be rainy, it was definitely an inside day. My lovely friend Barb highlighted the fact that I had not shown any pictures of light fixture that "caused" my knee injury (knee update-I'm feeling better, the x-ray and echo graph have showed nothing, so it is most likely damage to the meniscus or a loose piece of cartilage, neither of which is good news, more testing to come)...

Having made some changes around here, I thought it would be a good moment to show you a bit more of Chez Crafywaffles. Since I love knowing where people find things for their home, I thought I'd expose my sources.
Let's start with the Master Bedroom. Our little reading corner has some new additions, making it now a really cozy corner, perfect for catching up on some reading, and yes- that gorgeous chocolate and white drum shade with diffuser is the "infamous" light fixture, I love it, it's worth the pain!

Ceiling Light: Next (UK), Chair;Ebay, Floor Lamp and Table: inherited, Candle holders: Hema, Vase: Mark's and Spencers (UK), Footstool: Troc, Linen Cushion: Caban (Canada), Art: Ebay (1 of 3)

While we were away, we picked up a gift for our bed as well, two new decor pillows- silky, shiny and girly, perfect bling for the bed (don't worry, H gave his approval)!

Bed: Ebay, Duvet Cover: Ikea, Pillows: N. American King Size, Pillow Cases; Bamboo from a hotel linen outlet store (Vancouver), Grey Silk cushions: BHS (UK), Bedside Tables: Troc, Bedside lights: Ikea, Water carafe and Glass: New DeWolf (Brussels)

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