Monday, June 15, 2009

House tour Part 2

Yesterday you got to see our Master bedroom, this time up it's our Guest Bedroom.

Bed: Estate sale, Water carafe and glass: New De Wolf (Brussels), Bedspread: Winners (Canada), Dot pillow: Caban, White butterfly pillow case: inherited, Grey bed linens: Cameleon, Bedside table: Troc, Lamp: Hema, Shell Candle Holder: Dollar store

On the wall opposite the wall we have the new to us "semainier'' which has been in H's family for 5 generations. It is supposed to be for guest clothes etc, but currently it is holding (some) of my fabric stash, as are the purple fabric boxes, and another chest of drawers...

Fabric boxes: Winners (Canada), Cactus pin cushion: homemade, Chair: Ebay

Wanna see what's on top? Okay, here you go... our renovated kitchen scale and a few other mementos

Kitchen Scale: Troc, Capis Flower candle holder: brought back from a holiday to the Philippines, shell Picture Frame: Jysk (Canada)

Printer Blocks: Marolles Market (Brussels), Wall Boxes: Jysk (Canada), Listerine Bottles (in cube): Antique store and gift, Fabric Flowers: Gift , Box with Bow: Tiffany's

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  1. Oooh! I love the guest bedroom. You have such lovely, unique pieces. I wish you were here to help us decorate! xoxo


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