Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All Sealed up

Ever since H got me my our Pupitre (Champagne rack) for xmas, we noticed that the wood was really dry and showing some signs of some rot. After living in a really humid cellar for about 10 years in nearby Champagne, and then sitting in our heated apartment, the wood was having a hard time.

When my parents came over earlier this year my very handy Dad did lots of work around our apartment, he's got serious skilz (it kinda compensates for H's less well developed repair skills- food he can do, stuff in any other room in or out of the house, is a problem!- I'm not being mean he admits it, apparently it's a chef thing...)! While they were here he helped us pick up some wood protector for our super-sized winerack, but since it is super stinky (like toxic) and needs 8 hours to dry, we had to wait for better days. Last night was that better day.
After a good vacuuming we used the clear wood protector to give the wood some food and seal in the goodness.

check out the trellis and clematis behind me... working like a charm!

Now our lovely wine rack is protected for years to come, same same but different better!

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