Friday, June 26, 2009

Facing my fears

I can't remember when my mom first started to teach me to sew, it must have been when I was a little kid. when my brothers and I were young she used to make a lot of our clothes (she even made her own wedding dress- yeah, she has skilz!). As I got older, my mom's sewing became more important to me as we designed all of my figure skating dresses (and she'd then make our drawings reality- and hand beaded all the sequins on the darn things! Thanks Mom!).

As the only daughter I guess it was normal for me to follow in my Mom's footprints- and it's come in handy for me too- my friend Brea still talks about how I saved her butt in 8th grade Home Economics (in my high school everyone had to take Home Ec., which was a course divided into 5 sections: sewing, cooking, drafting, woodwork, and metal work). But hey it wasn't always smooth sailing! I remember that in that course one of the things we had to make were sweat pants, and because the legs of my size were too short I just went up pattern sizes until I had long enough legs (it didn't occur to me to add inches just to the legs... I was following a pattern!) So, I made an XXL sweat pant and just cinched in the waist with elastic-- I ended up looking like MC Hammer!

Anways -- there is a point to this post I promise! . Currently H and I are still work with separate bank accounts and we have a joint one for rent and household stuff. As the one who carries the purse (literally), I typically end up paying for stuff, and with Europe a bit behind in terms of paying with plastic, I usually carry some joint account cash with me. However, I was always getting my money and joint account money confused in my wallet. So with my new zipper foot and some cute fabrics I decided to make a little zippered pouch.

But... one of the things I've always been afraid of/hated/was too lazy to do properly, was zippers. I could never get them to work properly. Recently I had a flash of understanding as to why my previous zipper attempts were pretty crap, when I found out that my sewing machine has a zipper foot (amazing what you learn when you read your manual!), so tonightwith manual at hane, I set about to conquer my fears...

I don't really know why, but I decided to go all McFancy by making it lined, adding a layer of fabric stiffener so it was not too floppy, and double hemming the zipper. After about 5 attempts at the mother f****ing zipper, I finally got it. It's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than some of the shoddy efforts in the past. Oh yeah, and my money even fits in it!!


  1. That's really cute! Will you teach me to make one?

  2. I recently conquered "the zipper" and consequently have made about 4 little zippered pouches...quite addictive.

  3. Turned out great! Those zipper feet make a world of difference. Pretty soon you'll be a pro.


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