Friday, July 17, 2009

The other man in my Life

Poor Jack has been basted for about 2 weeks but I havn't had the energy have been to lazy to commit to such a big project.

As a brief re-cap, we had a Union Jack bedspread that was stolen when our cabin had a break in about 15 years ago ( it was the only thing they took, not the water skis, wetsuits etc, the bedspread- yeah, weird I know!).

My brother and I last summer at the Cabin- often a Union Jack is flying on the flag pole!

H and my Dad on the catamaran last summer

Our cabin is on Indian Arm, a finger of the Pacific that runs inland, about 30 min from my parent's house, it's an amazing place hidden from the busy city life (no TV- only solar power, no cars- boat access only). I wanted to make something for my parents, as well as the whole family to enjoy, so I naturally thought, a quilt. After seeing this amazing quilt, I had my inspiration.

So, while my family lazes around "up the Arm" back home (and love rubbing it in my face), I've bitten the bullet and starting on the quilting- sigh... I'd much rather be reading a magazine on the dock with a beer though...


  1. Jack is going to be SO lovely! Hang in there.

  2. Keep at it! It's going to be all worth it!


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