Friday, September 18, 2009

My inspiration guide

For years I've kept a design book where I cut out ideas from my home decor magazines and saved them for future inspiration for my home (since highschool I think, waaay before I even lived in my own place!).

Since living in Belgium (so for the last 4 years or so) I've been pretty slack about updating it and my magazine piles have been growing- not so good in an apartment!. So, over the summer I have been going through all of my un-snipped magazines to get all the best ideas out for my "House Book".
While adding all my new ideas in the other day, I had to laugh.... apparently some of our recent acquisitions should not have been a big surprise.... do these look familiar?!

Yup, I don't think we could have bought more identical chairs if we had tried (especially after ours get re-upholstered (one day)!

Funny huh. How about this??

Mmmhmmm, we've got that too!

I have to say, for anyone struggling to find their interior decor style- or to help avoid rash furniture/decor decisions, I find my House Book and invaluable tool.

As side note-- Any Belgians interested in some slightly loved home dec magazines (mostly in English but a few also in Dutch and French)? I'd much prefer they get recycled to a good home :)

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