Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saving the Date

So as you know H and I are getting married next summer (9.5 months to go eeek!!). We've been beavering away on our Save the Dates (STD's for short, heheh!).

With the cards safely in the hands of their recipients, I can let you in on what we've been working on. As they are for the Belgians and other out of towners, we decided to stick with the vintage vibe by making postcards using art deco travel posters and old pictures from Vancouver.

The project was a team effort, we designed the cards in MS Publisher (we decided to have 6 different versions), I was in charge of cutting (Sorry other quilters if I've offended your eyes by using by my quilting roller knife on paper... shame, I know!) and H was in charge of quality control and stamps.

We used a thick silver coated paper which I think gave an extra touch to the postcards, and really gave them that deco feeling we were going for. 1 wedding project down.... only about 99 to go!

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