Sunday, December 13, 2009

Going Down Under

Nope, we didn't do a whirlwind trip to Australia, we went to a Christmas Grotto in Holland :) H and I decided a few weekends ago to check out a Christmas Market, and as there are a bazillion (okay a slight exaggeration :) ) we decided to go for a more unusual one. Valkenburg has a giant sandstone cave in which they set up a collection of stand selling everything from the traditional ornaments to African drums, dancing Santa's, paper flowers... you name it. Since I'm a huge Christmas fan and the Europeans do Christmas markets like nobody's business, I said bring on the Christmas!

Entrance to the grotto

Taking a break from grotto shopping for a hot chocolate with amaretto, purely for the cultural experience of course!

We managed to pick up some cute Christmas ornaments as souvenirs of our trip.

But unfortunately I had to leave these babies behind ...

Ahhh, bobblyhead santa headband- you've gotta love the pure kitch of it!

We had a great day at the market and wandering around the small town before settling in to watch the Christmas parade where the children from the local schools have choreographed dances that they do through the street to music, it was too cute! Unfortunately my night time actions photo taking skills suck even more than my normal photo taking skills, so I'll have to leave you with this half decent pic of the older kids.

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