Friday, January 29, 2010

The Shopping Gods smiled on me!

For ages, the simplicity of images like this have gotten my heart all a flutter.

For the holidays, I had visions of bakers twine dancing in my head. However, living in Europe, I had no known source for the lovely stuff and the price online, had put me off due to the cost, especially when it's one of those things that I really didn't need!

So, today I had to visit a hardware store for work with my spy camera (aka. cell phone) to do some market research, buh! .... not the most interesting place to spend my Friday afternoon. But, while slowly wandering through the shop sneakily snapping away at the shelves (I work for a packaging company), what should I spy on my camera screen, but...

Yup, the clouds parted and the angels sang... it was bakers twine, and in three different colours to boot! After checking out the EUR 1.85 for 100 meters price tag (score !!), I did a quick happy dance and snatched up one of each. Oh happy day!

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  1. Score! I was very excited when I found it in my local Delhaize grocery store.


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