Friday, January 1, 2010

T Par-tay with an extra surprise!

As I mentioned before, I was hoping to rope some of my lovely girlfriends into helping me out in making our Tea Towel wedding favours.

Being the amazing troopers they are, they were totally not intimidated by the idea of a making a huge pile of tea towels, so with irons in tow we got to business.

And, what had been giving me sleepless nights due to stress, was quickly completed by my awesome team.And it was a great chance to hang out with my girls :)

A few hours (and a yummy dinner prepared by my awesome future hubby) later, and we were done, one more wedding project off the list

But hey, you're probably wondering, what was the "extra surprise"?! Well, that would be the crazy stomach bug that everyone got that night. I guess for us the new saying will have to be, those who craft together...

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  1. I will always remember New Year's 2010 for the very "special" experience I shared with my very best girlfriends! Nothing like "out with the old" and in with the new, eh? xoxo


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