Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riding the Q-train

So I've been a bit distracted recently... and that meant my Quilt bee blocks were piling up pretty quickly.

H had to work on Sunday, so I got in a sewing frenzy and I caught myself up! A few were a bigger skill/style stretch for me, and one made me almost pull my hair out (I always knew that my weakness in math would come back to haunt me!). But all in all I got the chance to work on a variety of block styles which was really nice.

Scrappy X block for Kandra MMSB (from this Tute- which I found to be a bit lacking in detail) I think I see a baby quilt made from this one... Green, teal and yellow, whadda you think Sam?!

Scrappy gnome house (or as I call it "K-nome")- kinda Frank Lloyd Wright inspired no?!- and applique mushroom for Susi in my Eurovision Group.

And finally the one that did my head in... the Squares and rectuanges block for Mari in Eurovision (I told you I was behind!!).

It may appear the simplest... but calculating to get all the pieces to fit together (while working with a limited amount of fabric) caused me soem serious headaches! But, I guess it's like giving birth because now that it's all over I really like it!

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