Friday, February 12, 2010

Going to Pieces

As you know I've been pretty distracted recently by the cute Christmas blocks I found over at Sewhooked.

However, when I triumphantly showed H my handiwork he wasn't too impressed... actually he said something along the lines of "you're following a pattern, that's cheating"(humph! yeah, no comment Mr. Party Pooper!), and then proceeded to challenge me to make my own paper piecing pattern.

As I needed more blocks for my planned Christmas quilt and couldn't find what I was looking for online, and never one to back down from a challenge, I did a little research, and decided to give it a go, nothing ventured nothing gained right?!

I figured that my Sanata and Mrs Clause would need a sleigh to get around in (why a sleigh you ask and not something easy like a tree for my first homemade pattern???.... ummm, not sure either because I roll with the philiosophy of go big or go home, or because I am a total overachiever... most probably it was a moment of insanity due to the latter!). Anyways, I had decided on a sleigh.

As I don't have photoshop which was used in the tutorial, I turned to my BFF MS Illustrator, and after a rather pleasant 1.5 hours I ended up with this...

Yeah, I even did the whole seperate the pieces and add seam allowances thing (which took about 1 hr of the 1.5 hr design time!), total overachiever. I think I need to get out my pocket protector!

Sorry I digress, I think it turned out pretty well. Now to see if I can actually make the darn thing!

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  1. Wow Sarah! I bow to you. Next thing you'll be designing an entire paper pieced quilt.
    I can't wait to see the block.


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