Monday, February 15, 2010

Take a Seat

I have a confession to make... I am not a shoe addict like many women, but I do have a weird love of chairs. Although we have plenty more than enough chairs in our house, I can't help wandering past a design store window, hello Callebert and Knoll I'm talking about you!!, or looking in interiros magazines, and secretly dreaming of all the beautiful chairs and where I could put them in my house. If I could, I'd totally smuggle them into the house, and then bring it out a few months later and try the whole "what this ol' thing, I've had it for ages..." line. Unfortunatly, our storage closet isn't that big!

H has put me on a bit of a chair ban... (don't really blame him, as we have more than we could possibly sit on!), but I think he'd let me get away with putting some of this , in our house...

Cira 50 Chairs Multi
Hello future craft room, I see some fab chair print pillows in your future!

This is part of the new Circa 50 range by MonaLuna which should be out in March (I saw it for sale here).

Full Circa 50 Range
I also love the retro car print, perfect for a retro guy quilt no?! So much for my fabric shopping ban!

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