Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trial and Errored

So, the time had come to attempt my master plan for Santa's sleigh. I gathered my supplies and prepped the templates.

I wouldn't call it a failure, but I definitely learnt a few things along the way (my 6 piece pattern turned into 8 pieces as I had not correctly planned the execution side of the design... oops!). What I ended up with was this:

It matches the drawing pretty closely- I think...

But, H said that it is a rather abstract version of a sleigh-- It could be that he is an amateur Santa guy- In Belgium Santa plays second fiddle to St. Nicholas (or my less than stellar fabric choice for the sleigh's runner)-- and that he thought I could do better... sigh!

Since I now had two "dud" blocks -my dirty bird and the sleigh, I decided to stick them together to make a pot holder-ish thing.

Thanks to some scrap batting, I was able to whip it together pretty quickly, now it just needs to be bound.

Now back to the drawing board to take my learnings and prove that I can design a paper pieced block!


  1. I just noticed that you've got these already quilted - how does that work with them all going into a quilt together?

  2. As the two blocks were deemed "not worthy" they are not going into the quilt. Instead, I am using them to make a potholder :)


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