Saturday, March 13, 2010

Forging a Master

My month for one of my sewing bees is coming up next month, so today I put together the packages for my Mondrian quilt to mail out.

I gathered up my fabrics and my ideas book where I had put down some tentative ideas for the guidelines for the blocks.

As I am basing this quilt on real art, I wanted to make sure:

  1. I had the thickness of the black lines correct
  2. That I was sending out enough fabric

In order to see if my plan was on the right track, I cut out one set of fabric and then drew out a plan for a block.

Piecing it together was super quick (like crazy quick!) as I pre-cut all of the pieces according to my diagram, and voila...

I love it!

As I want the blocks to be in the style of Mondrian, I am sending them only 3 colours, so that the is a lot of white in the blocks like his art.

For anyone wanting to re-create this type of block, to keep the ratio right, I for a 12" finished block I used 1/2" finished thickness for the black lines.

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