Friday, November 13, 2009

Indecisive much?!

I'm not sure what is going on with me, but I've been super indecisive recently... too much wedding planning maybe?!

I am planning the "challenge" I'll be throwing out to the peeps in MMSB and Eurovision quilters.

My months for Eurovision isn't until April, but of course the idea for that block came to me the most easily-- Mondrian (see Mom and Dad, that minor in Art History is paying off!!).

So I had a plan, but which colours to use. I asked H for his 2 cents worth and he said the "real colours"- which I thought might be a bit too wild many colours for our living room. So, in Publisher (I seriously heart publisher!) I whipped some alternative colour combos to convince H that an ode to Mondrian, may be a better choice. The problem was I couldn't choose which I liked the best, so I decided to leave it up to the Eurovision ladies to pick the colours they would work with.

The plan for MMSB has been proving elusive... I've been lying awake at night trying to decide what to do. I know it'll be for a picnic quilt, but what design.... maverick stars or a string quilt

or maybe a bento box or double hourglass.... arg, it's been driving me mental!!

So, in an effort to put myself out of my misery, and because I have to order any necessary fabric ASAP if it will get here before I leave for the holidays, I sat H down tonight to help me make a decision (see... totally uncharacteristically indecisive- I seriously hope it's temporary!)... and I think we did...

No drawing yet (maybe this Sunday?!), but we're thinking food words (ie. apple, spicy, tasty, BBQ...) done in wonky piecing, and double hourglass blocks done in food/kitchen fabrics --- you can see how H's influenced this one, but I guess it's only fair considering he'll be making most of the food we will enjoy on said picnics ;)

So... aaaahhhhh, I hope I can sleep better tonight!

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  1. LOVE that H supports your quilting addiction... I mean habit.


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