Friday, November 6, 2009

Scrap Busting Christmas

Sorry my faithful three readers that things have been so quiet around here. In the real world things have been a bit more hectic... I've been tracking down places to buy bulk tea towels (a crafty future project for the wedding), and pretending to be a graphic designer( for said tea towel project, gotta keep the budget real people!) amongst other wedding prep.

In actual physical crafting, I've been working on the hand quilting for my big ole' sampler quilt (I'm on the final border woohoo!!), and in a crafting day with Dallas I made some scrap busting (thanks for letting me raid your stash Dallas, hugs!) microfiber and hand towels that I thought would make some cute decor for my house xmas gifts/housewarming gifts/etc.

I have gotta admit I have a serious crush on Dallas' sewing machine... I was like a kid in a candy store playing with all her stitch options... maybe one day Santa will get me a fancy shmancy machine. Or wait ..... could I put one on my wedding registry??..... hmmm, probably not, darn!

I've gotta admit that I'm not a huuge orange person, but I'm loving this orange and teal combo, I think it may be a future baby quilt colour scheme (especially if my friends and family keep to their annoying trend of keeping the baby's sex a secret 'till birth!).


  1. Your tea towels looked great and watching you make them made them look really easy.

  2. Woo hoo!! Another post! I hope you count me as one of your "three faithful readers" (ahem... blog stalker? Me?)

    Love the tea towels, and LOVE the orange/teal combo.



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