Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've been struggling for the last few months as to how to label Jack. I was thinking about using the iron on photo transfer paper, but as this is for family and hopefully will be around for a long time, I think it's not the best test piece. Luckily I have friends with fancy toys... so Dallas and I played around with her super hi-tech sewing machine's (especially vs. my super low tech machine) test feature and voila...
I made it up into a little log cabin label which I appliqued on to the back. A little trick I used--In order to keep the 1/4 inch tucked under, I used a thin strip of Wunder-Under, worked like a charm)!

Now I just have to give it a wash and dry and Jack is ready for his trip to Canada for Christmas.

I've also been busy on my quilting bee blocks... of the three to do, two were for wonky log cabins, so I whipped those up yesterday.

For Brioni at Eurovision quilters

For Twiddletails at SC3

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  1. Jack's tag looks great! I'll have to try that if I ever finish a quilt. :)


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