Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer is coming!

With the weather finally warming up, and the big move almost here (1 week tomorrow and I'm back home!), the drive to make some forward movement on my WIP list continues.

There's something about having to pack things up and not having access to them for a weeks while they are in transit that makes me desperate to spend time with them... even though I havn't touched them in months!

So, since the last of the hourglass blocks arrived, I spent an evening sewing them all up.

I was originally thinking of doing a random layout, but I was worried it would end up too busy once the wonky word border is addded, so I decided to adjust my plan a bit.

With the quick addition of a few blocks my rainbow was born.... I love how the individual blocks shine (thanks MMSB ladies!), but there is still a bit of order and structure.

Yummy! Now, can I get the words finished before I have to pack everything up?...

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