Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to the beginning

ImPatiently waiting for our container to arrive has had a few advantages. One of which is that it has given me time to dig through the stuff that I stashed at my parents 5 years ago when I moved to Belgium.

Hidden amongst all my stuff was this little treasure...

My first ever quilt, finished in 2002 (man does that seem a life time ago!). Made by me based on a design I saw in a sewing book of my mom's it is full of beginner mistakes (choosing the wrong batting which 'beards' through the outer border) and shows my penchant for biting off more than I could chew (adding a border to the back because the fabric that I just "had" to use was to small on its own, and then attempted to line the back border up with the front border). I have many a fond memory of going step by step through the quilting process, even when my Mom and I had many a frustrated moment struggling to get the quilt through the sewing machine due to it's weight and thickness as I was trying to quilt it.

I am not sure if we were just uneducated on the options and tools available, or if back then quilting materials were not easily found. But, luckily my trials and tribulations with this imperfect work of art, did instill in me an interest in the art of quilting, and from there I took a sampler class to learn the correct techniques. From there, as they say, the rest is history. Although the perfectionist part of me longs to take it apart and to "fix" its imperfections, I have come to accept that they are a part of its charm.


  1. I love seeing first quilts! I think the imperfections just help you tell your quilting story.

  2. Even if it has lots of mistakes, it still looks great! Love the navy patterns you picked.


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