Friday, September 10, 2010

Catching up: Part 2

Now that I have my sewing stuff finally out of the container I am finally able to catch up on my sewing bee blocks that are overdue... I think I have 7 sitting in the wings waiting to be done... oops!

After a quick warm up with Christiane's 6 patch's, a bit more of a trouble than expected due to differences in my mom's sewing machine vs. mine (my first 2 blocks are 1.8" shy of the correct size)...

Then, I moved onto fellow canuck Carmen's tree request. This one was deffinately more of a challenge... but I knew quickly what I was going to do.

My colour was teal, and I wanted to make a tree with movement. So, I snipped out some leaf shapes, and used my handy dandy fabric adhesive glue stick (thanks Mom!), to stick the little pieces to the background fabric and avoided fighting with pins.
I stitched the center of each leaf with a leaf rib design. My theory is that once washed, the leaves will give a more three dimensional effect, and some "woodgrain" on the trunk.

Oh, and I couldn't help "carving" a little heart into the tree trunk. I had a lot of fun with this one, and am working on a new tree design for a second block for Carmen.

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