Sunday, September 5, 2010

A new player on the bench

Yesterday H and I had to babysit my niece, and since it was such nice weather, H and I thought it the perfect time to finish up the prep work on the f-ugly bench (the cousin of the f-ugly chair).

It seems that out of my siblings, I am the only one who inherited the furniture renovation gene from our parents... but, it looks like my brother`s little girl make have it as well...

Gotta love a two year old who knows how to work a sanding block!

While she was busy playing in the garden, H and I tackled, what I think was the most tedious part of the whole preparation process.... getting the old varnish out of the cracks and crevices... uggg, soooooooo slow!

My dad`s razor blades (used responsibly and kept well away from our niece!) helped, but it still took the two of us ages. But, the quality of work in the preparation makes all the difference to the finished product, so we persevered.

Next up... a visit to the upholster to get the springs repaired/replaced, 'cuz this isn't really the cushy seat we are looking for!

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