Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting dusty

Icelandic volcanic ash is not the only dust in the air around Casa Waffles, we've been busy working on the f-ugly bench.

Our first job was to tackle the upholstery... yeah the seafoam green plastic had to go- do not pass go, do not collect $200- kind gotta go!!

Ahhh...beige brocade ?! .... um yeah, that's going to be going as well I think....

We've now moved onto the sanding stage. With our little terrace as a workarea, and having to keep the living room door open for the extension cord for our trusty Mouse sander (note to self, I've gotta get one of those babies on the wedding list as this one is for the wrong voltage), weare getting dust everywhere in the apartment, so I hope we get this sanding done quickly!

We are about 99.9% sure that the wood of this free bench (and it's cousin the chair) is mahogany (thanks Dad for the identification help via Skype!!). Since most of our furniture has a mohogany finish, and my Dad's slight horror at the finished product of the chair in that we had stained a piece of "good wood" ebony (though he did andmit the dark stain and fabric choice looked great together, score one Sarah!), has made us re-consider the finishing plan a bit.

Instead of ebony stain like the chair, we are planning to enhance the colour of the maghogany wood (we'll show you how in a future post), and then protect it with a wax, vs. a varnish, so that we have greater flexibility of we do want to change things in the future.
Now the fabric to re-cover it with.... that I still need to figure out!

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