Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally laid to rest

The second quilt I ever started was a sampler quilt, I had wanted to do some mother-daughter bonding and having successfully completed my first very simple quilt (I'll have to show you guys once I am back in Canada as it never made the trip over to Belgium), I wanted to move on to more complex designs... when you see that first quilt you'll know why.

The course was for hand sewing (yeah... don't ask me why we thought that was a good idea!), and each week we had a different block to complete. I was working full time and was a bit slow at keeping the momentum going once the course was finished- My Mom on the other hand had hers finished in less than 2 months!

Anyways, about 6 months after the top was complete, I decided to move to Belgium, and as I was by this point onto the hand quilting, it was (we thought) the perfect thing to keep me busy while I was in a new country aud un-employed, so I dragged it over in my suitcase.
And.. I worked on it for a bit, I put it away for a while... I worked on it a bit more, I put it away again... you get the picture! But, I am proud to say that after about 5 years, the hand quilting of this queen sized quilt is finally complete, and here she is in all her glory...

each block has a different quilting design, and the detail is probably what I am most proud of.

To be honest, I have been pretty over the front for a while... I'm not sure if it is more that I am sick of staring at it or if I have just moved on style wise (I think more the latter), but I do still love the backing fabric I chose, and old Amy Butler from her Temple Flower line, love it!

I still have to bind it- in the purple/fushia colour I think to work with both sides and to make the flowers on the back pop.

I'm a bit worried about washing this one as my hand sewing skills are a bit iffy, I have already had a few seams open in spots- I'm not sure if it is the pressure from the hand quilting frame or that my stitches were too big or my 1/4 seam allowances were off were the cause.... probably a combination of the three.

Now I can pack it away for it's trip back home, and I can cross one big WIP off my list.

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