Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not all snows are created equal

One of the other projects that I have to finish up is my Happy Hour/ Bubbles quilt.

I pulled it out of my WIP drawer (yes... I have a drawer of WIP's these days!), and decided to tackle the bubble layout. As the bubble blocks I recieved were all different sizes-- lesson learned, send backing fabrics in the same sizes or in a few standards that are easy to fit together, getting these all to fit was a real math test (and even after careful planning I still had to trim things down to fit, arg!).
Another thing that I did find out the hard way while building the bubble border was that Kona solids are not pantones.. nad thus each batch varies in colour. You can't really see it that well in ht picture above, but if you look carefully at the below picture you can see that the added piece is a bit more yellow-y white (hahah as they say back home, watch out for yellow snow!).

As I don't have any more of the original batch of Snow for the center panel and the outer border, I'll just have to live with it, but I did learn a valuable lesson- always buy enough solids for a project from a single batch- and keep it with the WIP until complete or you run the risk of the colours not matching.

I have one border to add on, but I'm hoping once I get it all together and quilted it won't be too obvious (I'll probably be the only one who notices, one of the downsides of making things yourself, you know all of the errors and oopsies!).

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