Monday, September 7, 2009

My Happier Hour

I've been playing a bit of catch up. First up was the beginning round of Eurovision Quilters, Wendy asked us to make Dutchman's Puzzles (quite appropriate since she lives in Holland).

Out of the scraps left over I managed to make these two little blocks -- I'm not sure if the block has a name... it must do, anyone know what it is?

Next up was finishing up the front of the Bubbles quilt. This pattern is called Happy Hour, I had some issues with it before, being a bit too blah, but I think I managed to sort it out by adding the white blocks to give it more definition.

All "posted-noted" and ready for sewing...

and here it is all done, you can just see my little helper peeking out from the top!

So now piecing the Bubbles side fo the quilt, and I just picked up from Dallas 2 more packs of fabrics for SC3 so I need to get started on those (Bento blocks and maverick stars), and I am working on a hexagon block for MishMash... oh yeah, and the first Brussels Craft Day is coming up... phew!!

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