Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My not so happy Happy Hour

So... still waiting for my fabric to arrive (can you tell I'm a bit impatient at times!). I decided to start a third project (well 4th if you count the evil sampler quilt whose hand quilting I'm still ploughing my way though, uggg) - you know... 'cuz that's what you do!
June is my month at Sew Connected 3, and I have been collecting fabrics for a while. I have my whole plan ready to go, but before I can send out the fabrics to the "team", I need to cut out the pieces for the other side (it'll be my first um... double sided quilt...? ie. a unique pattern on both sides.) Hmm, still doesn't really make sense does it?! maybe a picture will help... I've been planning something like this:
So pink is normally totally not my bag, but this quilt was inspired by a great antique style shabby chic rose fabric I found in Luxembourg of all places... which I totally loved- think faded Cath Kidson. It's destined for our spare bedroom as pink doesn't really "go" in the rest of our apartment (it also happens to match the "dumpster dived" pink green and white metal flower chandelier in there, gotta love free accessories!)

After the cute simple quilt I saw here I wanted to try out the Happy Hour design. So after cutting out all my fabrics and laying them out I..... hated wasn't feeling it. It was all a bit mushy... not enough contrast etc. So, I'm now thinking of revising the plan to have alternating the colours with white Happy Hour blocks, kinda like this quilt.
The bubbles side is what I will be challenging my quilting group to in June- sewing with curves, hehe I'm mean, I know!- but you know you gotta challenge people right?! Hmm, I hope they still like me by the time they're finished with it! More on this project to come.


  1. I love your double sided quilt creation! I like the chabby chic style and the color combinations you chose are beautiful. Good luck!

  2. I like it and like Ali, LOVE the shabby chic style :)

  3. ummm ... curves? are you sure? i've never done 'em before. i'm a little intimidated ... ... ...

  4. If John's intimidated by the idea (and he's the Quilting king) - guess how I'm feeling??

    I can't promise you'll get true circles - but I'll certainly try my best.

    Love the fabrics and the design.


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