Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trellis me

So I kinda got the gardening bug recently - that nesting instinct I suppose. For our terrace I found this lovely trellis to help out our newly purchased climbing clematis, destined to hide an ugly concrete wall at the end of the terrace (and visible from our living room).
I love the clean lines and graphic shape (and how versatile it is so), totally my thing. I'm contemplating spray painting it black for an added graphic hit.

So after work tonight I'm off to my local Ikea (dangerously convenient to my office!) for a few sets of my trellis- and maybe a few swedish meatballs. *Sigh* now if only Ikea in Belgium did cinnamon buns like at home then it'd be the perfect evening ;)


  1. You got that trellis at IKEA? Looks like I'm making a stop there today. PLUS, our IKEA has the cinnamon buns......ummmmm!

  2. No trellis yesterday, but cinnamon buns were aplenty! YUM!


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