Tuesday, April 21, 2009


While I've been waiting for my latest fabric orders (I really need to work on my timing so I don't keep getting held up on projects like this!!). I have been busy prepping our terrace for summer. As we have gone from two households to one, we have a plethora (hey bro- I've had an excuse to use your favourite word!!) of big garden pots. So, in an effort to make our terrace an oasis in the city, I went our to the garden center with my MIL on the weekend to stock up on plants. In addition, I have been re-potting our little herb buddies- lookin' god guys!

(sorry for the bad lighting I finished putting these babies in their new little pots just in time for bed)

H doesn't give two hoots about the flowers etc, but he is very particular about anything that he can cook with. Hopefully our fully stocked herb pot, parked conveliently next to the kitchen, will keep the chef happy.

It currently contains:
  • chives
  • rosemary
  • mint and spearmint
  • curry
  • lavender (non edible but for garnishes (yes, he "garnishes" at home as well!)
Our two sorts of basil (regular, and Thai) and thyme that i've been growing from seeds will be added into our herb pot in a few weeks once they have gotten acclimatized to the outside temperatures.

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  1. I'm also thinking about growing some fresh herbs, like corriander, parsley and basil. I have a container, so now I just need to get my butt to a garden store to get a few plants!


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