Sunday, April 12, 2009

Make it Work

After discussions with the lovely peeps at Fabric Shack who let me know that the mermaid fabric I've been coveting for the back of jack.. (hahah that quilt is becoming more of a person everyday- you can start calling me Gepeto soon!)is almost sold out and has been discontinued, I have decided to work with what I can- hope it's as nice IRL as it is online after all the drama it's caused. I have revised the plan I had for the back to work around the 2 pieces issues (they only have one 2m piece and one 0.5m piece).

So, while i wait for my (slightly delayed) order to arrive, I got cracking on the baby quilt, also known as Ziggy Baby (said in an Austin Power's voice!).

Things were running smoothly until I went through the greens in my stash only to discover I didn't have enough coordinating fabrics to work with, and being short one blue block - yeah I have other blues but I'm too anal to "go with the flow"- so a second package from "the Shack" is on it's way.

BTW, tonight after finishing as far as I could go on Ziggy (2 zigs down, 2 zags to go), I settled down to watch Twilight (thanks bro for the "sourcing" advice!)- and I have to say, I was a bit skeptical... I hadn't heard anything about it here in Belgium, not sure if it never arrived here, or if I just missed it, but I thought it was fab!! So thanks Dallas for the pro Twilight vote.


  1. Love the yellow-ness! That alexander henry bird fabric is my fav!

  2. Oh this is going to be beeeutiful :)


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